Maitland Jones

NCARB, LEED AP | Senior Principal | Owner

Mait works with institutions asking big questions or undergoing radical transformation. Both change agent and archivist, he counsels clients to envision their future while finding and reinforcing the things they do best. Mait’s projects address complex or ambitious programs with buildings and spaces that are determinedly restrained and essential. This juxtaposition is a deliberate strategy that results from the interaction of two ideas: less is more and power to the people!

“I sometimes imagine myself living in a geodesic dome rereading the Whole Earth Catalog. This fantasy is less escapist than it sounds. It’s an optimistic effort to invigorate my belief in designers as agents of positive change. If there’s a utopian dimension to architecture, I believe it is discovered at the intersection of simplicity and the diverse agency of people.”

Mait’s first projects focused on art and art-making: live/work lofts in Soho, offices for designers, and Yale’s School of Art. His projects foregrounded the work that occurred there within an architecture that operated in the background. Today he focuses on academic and cultural projects and recently led all efforts on our projects for Princeton University and NXTHVN.

Mait has taught at Yale’s School of Architecture, and at the Akademie der bildenden K√ľnste in Vienna. Mait received an A.B. from Princeton, and his M.Arch. from Yale. Mait started working for Deborah in 1992, and formed Deborah Berke Partners with her and Marc in 2002. Today he is a Principal of TenBerke.