Our Name

TenBerke refers to a practice and design intelligence that is grounded in values of Community, Unity, Scalability, Quality, and Humanity.


The number ten speaks of multiples, multiplicilty, of plurality—referring to the creative collective who form TenBerke.


The number ten is what lets us find simplicity in complexity. In our base ten numeral system, ten is the first number that again becomes one; it reflects the unity our practice finds through our diversity.


The Architecture of TenBerke empowers its users and becomes a powerful foundation. The idea of the powers of ten—the compounding and exponential rates of change and the duty to look at the finest detail and the biggest picture—is what brings both strength and subtlety to our work.


The work of TenBerke is measured—in both senses of the word. Our work is finely calibrated to the needs it addresses, and to the opportunities it finds. Our measured way is in stewardship of ecological resources.


Ten is a handy number. Ten fingers, ten toes. Ten is a human number.