Sydney Rose Maubert: Ghetto Funeral

“Ghetto Funeral” features recent paintings and tapestries that highlight the family histories and memories, collectively representing Maubert’s┬ácommunity in Homestead, FL – the lens through which the artist explores loss of home, culture and place and invokes conversations surrounding gentrification and displacement. Inspired by the culture of Homestead, through a series of large scale paintings, Maubert documents daily life through portraits of family, community, joy, and grief through the exploration of material culture. The work ultimately is a series of large scale vignettes as exercises in memory and grief.

About the Artist:

Sydney Rose Maubert is an artist. She uses painting as a tool for architectural storytelling. Her research interests are architecture, geography, and cultural production in the Caribbean and American South. Informed by her Haitian-Cuban heritage, her practice explores racial-sexual perception in the built environment.

She holds degrees in architecture from Yale University and the University of Miami, with double minors in writing and art. She has received several awards, including the Oolite Ellies Creator Award, GreenSpace Initiative Grant, Miami-Dade Individual Artist Grant, Cornell Council for the Arts Award, Yale Moulton Andros Award, and University of Miami Alpha Rho Chi Award. She founded Sydney R. Maubert LLC., her art and mural practice. Currently, Sydney Rose is the inaugural fellow at Cornell’s Strauch Fellowship, where she will teach and produce research (Fall 2022- ongoing). She sits on the board of the Center for Architecture’s Scholarship Committee (2023). She has assisted in teaching courses at Yale University, Morgan State University, City College of New York, and the University of Miami. Her work has been exhibited at Artist in Residence in the Everglades, GreenSpace Miami in Miami ArtWeek 2023, Cornell Hartell Gallery. Her work has been published in Log, Drawing Matter, and Yale Retrospecta. Most recently, she was listed as a New Progressive in Architect Magazine.