TenBerke receives JUST Certification

May 15, 2024

TenBerke is proud to be a JUST organization.⁠

TenBerke is an architecture studio united by values. We are bound by the promise that architecture must build toward dignity and decency, that the truest measure of good design is the good that it does the world. And that it must be good in these ways: imaginatively, sustainably, delightfully. We believe that architecture is never an end itself, and design our projects to be the instruments of meaningful and sustainable change.

Created by the International Living Future Institute, the JUST program is a voluntary disclosure tool for organizations to elevate internal discussions, policies, and procedures and create a common language and measurement framework for social justice issues.⁠

JUST is a call to action, and TenBerke is committed to being a transparent, equitable, and socially just organization. ⁠

Read more about our JUST Certification here