Aerial poster of Houston Endowment site with text overlay.

TenBerke Shortlisted to Design the New Headquarters for the Houston Endowment

August 6, 2019

We are honored to be one of four shortlisted teams to design the new headquarters for the Houston Endowment, a foundation dedicated to enhancing “the vibrancy of greater Houston” and advancing “equity of opportunity for the people who live here.”

“The goal for this project is to create not only an inspiring workplace but one that supports the community they serve, all while connecting to the surrounding landscape, including Spotts Park and the larger Buffalo Bayou network. In much of our work, we focus on helping mission-driven organizations realize meaningful buildings that embody and promote their values, and we are excited to be exploring the potential of this project for the Endowment and for greater Houston,” said Ameet Hiremath, a principal at TenBerke.

“We were thrilled with the response to our competition. We want to thank all the applicants for the effort put into their submissions; it was a privilege to see so much talent and vision. We look forward to selecting a winner later this year to help us bring more great architecture to Houston and give us a headquarters that better supports the foundation in pursuit of our mission,” said Ann Stern, President and CEO of the Houston Endowment.

Our team includes DAVID RUBIN Land Collective and Atelier Ten. We were selected in an open, international design competition that received 120 entries, along with Kevin Daly Architects with TLS Landscape Architecture, Productura, and Transsolar; Olsen Kundig with Surface Design; and Schaum/Shieh Architects with HKS and Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture. Congratulations to all the shortlisted firms!

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